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Celebration caper 2021

Saturday 4th September 2021 at 10am

Double Locks Pub - Riverside Valley Park, Exeter

In order to reduce our plastic landfill waste this is a CUPLESS EVENT.

We will have reusable running cups available to purchase for £4 if you forget yours or do not have one.

The Celebration Caper is an 8 hour timed event based in the stunning gardens of the Double Locks pub set in the gorgeous Riverside Valley Park in Exeter.

PLEASE DON’T BE SCARED OFF BY THE “8 HOURS” You can run as little or as much as you want in that time. You only have to do one lap to qualify for your medal and goodies. 

This event is laps of 3.3 miles…it’s up to you how many laps you do.


This will be Jolly Running’s first post lockdown event… so it’s definitely something to celebrate.

It’s been an extremely tough and challenging 18 months for us all. Each and every one of us have been united in the fact that the global Covid-19 pandemic has affected all our lives. 

We’ve all experienced significant life changes and had to overcome such changes and hardships… BUT we’ve done it and ALL played our part in coming through it, whether you’re an NHS worker, key worker, have worked from home, had to close your business, had to isolate, find new employment, changed your life or whether you’ve cared for isolating friends and neighbours, collected shopping for those unable to get provisions we’ve all done our bit and for that we are all heroes!!! So for this we need to celebrate!! 

This event is to celebrate and acknowledge everything we’ve been through with positivity and compassion that we are strong and resilient… Our diversity in the face of sacrifice and uncertainty has united us.

So let’s celebrate the fact we can hug our friends and families, see people we’ve been apart from, go out to dinner and also that we can now socially gather at running events… ok ok with a little distance between us and no hugging. But nevertheless we can start enjoying what we have missed and what we love.   Definitely time to celebrate!!

I would also like to celebrate the lives of those friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbours and anyone you knew who we have lost to Covid.

This event is a celebration of everything with a bit running too!! 


About The Caper’s

You can run Solo or Run as part of a Relay Team of up to 4 runners ( only one team runner on the course at a time ).

 How far do you have to run? 1 lap? 2 laps? Half Marathon? Marathon? Ultra? It’s entirely your choice!!! you only need to complete one full lap to claim your fantastic bespoke medal and celebration treats.

The route is a flat off road route on canal paths and public pathways. The route is slightly different from previous Capers due to certain parts of the Riverside Park being closed to events. Each loop is 3.3 miles, run as many laps as you like in 8 hours. You do not have to run for the whole 8 hours and you can take as many breaks as you like however the clock is still running even when you’re not.

Our Race HQ is in the beautiful grounds of the Double Locks pub which is situated on the riverside, each lap you can visit our ‘Jollification station’ where you can refuel yourself with water, squash, sweets, cakes, savoury treats and much more. We also provide vegan options. All treats are individually eco-packaged to be Covid safe. We also encourage you bringing your own snacks to reduce the footfall and social gathering at the aid station.

PLEASE REMEBER THIS IS A CUPLESS EVENT. You can buy our Jolly Running collapsible reusable cups for £4. 

So looking forward to seeing you all again and celebrating!! 

Important Stuff..

Race starts at 10:00am

The latest time a new/final lap can be started is 5:45pm

8 laps equates to a marathon, 4 laps a half marathon, 2 a long 10k. We are listed on the 100 marathon clubs events and running 8 laps counts as an official marathon.

Each finisher is rewarded with:

  • A Unique Celebration Caper Medal 
  • A Mini Bottle of Prosecco/Brut – 20cl ( non-alcoholic/vegan option available )
  • Jolly Running Bandana ‘Buff thing” from a choice of 3 colourways.

Race capacity is limited to 250 runners. 

Tea, coffee and other food and drinks are available to purchase from the Double Locks.

Unfortunately to reduce transmission and cross-contamination we are not able to provide a baggage tent.

There is parking within a mile walk of Race HQ on the nearby industrial estate.

Race information and race numbers will be sent to you two weeks prior to the event. Please ensure your correct address is listed on your entry. 


Entry Requirements: Minimum Age for entry is 18 years old on race day. Anyone completing an ultra distance must be 20 years old.

Entry Limit: 250 Participants ( subject to change if restrictions apply )

Entry Fees: Solo Affiliated £37 Solo Unaffiliated £39
Relay Teams – Team of 2 £68 – Team of 3 £102 – Team of 4 £136

Please Note: Race information and race numbers will be sent to you two weeks prior to the event. Please ensure your correct address is listed on your entry. 


The Celebration Caper. Trail Running Association – Race Permit Number: 4126

Please follow our facebook page to stay up to date on the event and other information.

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