Escot Christmas Marathon

Sunday 12th December 2021 8:00am

Escot House In Ottery St Mary

This Christmas Marathon certainly has the ‘Jolly’ touch! 

This marathon is extra special as we’ve added the ‘Jolly’ touch to it to make it completely unique. 

The Escot Christmas Marathon is the FIRST EVER MARATHON to have a waterslide!!

The marathon is laps of pathways, woodland trails and fields where in one of the fields nestles our 30 metre waterslide specially made for the Escot hill.

The waterslide is optional, you’ll get an opportunity to try it out on each lap, that’s 6 times to sit down, put your feet up and fly down the hill faster. You will get a wet bum or tum but it’ll be fun, we’ll also have a “Jolly Gin Bar” where we will serve you a tiny tipple of Christmas mulled gin at the top of the slide. There will of course be a non-alcoholic option. One shot per runner to ensure we are being drink responsible.

We appreciate that not all of you will want a wet bottom on each lap, especially while running a marathon distance so the slide is optional and completely your choice whether you do it every lap, not at all or just go down the slide on your finale lap.

About the Marathon

Once you’ve finished running and messing about on the slide you’ll be rewarded with a festive medal, a Christmas muff and a scrumptious handmade pudding wrapped in it’s own pudding cloth made by the local award winning Georgie Porgie’s Puddings.

Marathon Info

Race starts at: 08:00am

Cut off time for the marathon is 7 hours and 30 minutes.

This race will be held in accordance with UKA rules. The race permit is issued by the Trail Running Association.

There will be hot food and drink vendors ready to serve you pre and post race.

A change of clothes is recommended for afterwards.

Minimum age requirement for the marathon is 18 years.

Please follow our facebook page to stay up to date on the event and other information.

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