Jolly FAQ

A few answers to the common questions of our time

What events do Jolly Running do?

Jolly Running organise trail races from Halloween night runs, marathons, lapped ‘Caper’ events to Kids fun runs and loads of distances in between.

Based in the stunning Devon countryside and coast, our events are races for all running abilities in beautiful locations. Some of our races are quite quirky and unique where we’ve added the “Jolly Touch” to them you could find yourself riding a steam train to the start line before you race it or sliding down a 30 metre waterslide mid race!

We work with local businesses like Red Rock Brewery, Hallett’s Bakery, Teign Valley Glass and Georgie Porgie’s Puddings to bring you that extra something special. We also believe in races that are fun, marshals that are friendly, most of which are runners or our family and friends and an experience you’ll remember with a smile.

You won’t catch us organising a road race as we love the Devon coast & countryside trails too much and will keep exploring these… trail running sets you free where the concrete jungle confines!!

What’s the minimum age for xxx race?

We are a race company, affiliated to UK Athletics. We use TRA (part of UKA) licenses for our insurance and therefore all our races are governed by UKA rules. Minimum age for all our Caper races is 18 years.

The minimum age requirements for the following distances are:

 10+ years 3km, 12 years  for 5km, 16 years to do a 10km,  17 years for 25km or a half marathon, 18 years to do a marathon and you need to be over 20 years of age to do an Ultramarathon distance.  Other organisations let different ages compete in their events but these are the rules we are governed by.

Each of our events will have a specific minimum age requirement based on the particular risks of that event. Please see each race description to find the minimum age requirement.

What races can I run with my Dog?

At the moment none of our events do however we recognise that our/your furry friends are a big part of our running experience and we are looking into being Canicross friendly and hope to include this in the future events where it is safe to do so.

Can I run with my children?

We love to make our events inclusive for all ages and family friendly where possible, this isn’t possible at all our events. We do have fun runs on our Dark Halloween event and the Extremely Jolly at Christmas, these are fancy dress races too to add to the fun.

Where can I see photos of the race?

Race photos are expensive, so we have our own photographers who generously give up there time and make photos available to you, free, on our Facebook page.

This means any photos you or your supporters or fan club take can be added as well. Our photographer, will be on site to snap you looking your best, before, during and after the race. These snaps will then be uploaded in due course to our JR Facebook group page

By entering the race you are giving your permission to have your photo taken. If there is a pic you object (didn’t get your right side, your bum looked too big etc.) please contact us and we will remove it. (Please note you must highlight the said photo we won’t root through all the pics looking for it as usually there are 1000’s )

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